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DivyaBhav helps you bringing the harmony by channelizing energies into your home. We provide you consultation at every stage of the building, from purchasing a land to muhuarat of construction to layout of the building as per Vastu, Site visiting (residential and commercial), problem finding through MAP verification, rectification of ground floors, extension of first floor and plans and design making of new Building and Complexes and providing the proper line of treatment so as to achieve the desired results but intend to provide a better wholesome living by offering various vastu services and remedies. Our main and utmost objective and purpose is to provide maximum long term benefits and satisfaction with a practical approach towards remedial measures.

We provide very scientific, simple and effective solutions without demolition to bring about beautiful changes in your life. These changes include the attraction of wealth, increase in physical and emotional health and the cultivation of overall sense of serenity and well being.

We provide you consultancy along with the follow up sessions to get the best possible results and achieve the desired targets.

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We are expert Vastu professionals located in New Delhi, India

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We offer maximum long term benefits and satisfaction with a practical approach towards remedial measures.

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We offer 365 consultation in a year. You can reach us anytime.

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Wehave been trusted by thousands for our expertise and accurate remedial results.

About Vastu

Vastu is Vedic Architecture

Vastu, also known as Vedic Architecture, encompasses a comprehensive collection of architectural principles provided in the Vedas. The term Vastu originates from the Sanskrit word "Vasa," indicating a place of dwelling. According to the Sanskrit dictionary "Amar Kosh," Vastu refers to an appropriate location for constructing a residential dwelling. This ancient Indian architectural science is focused on constructing buildings that foster prosperity, wealth, and happiness.

Vastu Vigyan is a comprehensive discipline that aligns with the natural order of the universe and the movement of energy from all origins.

Vastu Shastra is an age-old Indian practice that pertains to the construction and design of structures, with the aim of fostering affluence, success, and contentment.

Vastu is considered a Vidhya or body of knowledge.

Vastu encompasses the study of 16 distinct directions, the organization of the five fundamental elements of nature, and the management of energy flow.

Importance of Vastu/Why Vastu?

Vaastu Shastra holds great significance in creating a harmonious and positive living space that provides a sense of nature's comfort and safety, and cultivates an atmosphere of positivity, happiness, and love. Such an environment promotes a healthy lifestyle and prosperity, which are the desires of every human being.

According to Vaastu principles, buildings and houses that are designed while keeping them in mind can create positive energy and promote peaceful living by building a harmonious connection with their inhabitants. Incorporating Vaastu principles into the basic construction of a building can also help it become more integrated into the universe. These principles have been used since ancient times and are still considered relevant in modern times.

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